Week 26

So we've entered week 26 and everything seems to go so quickly. Bub's kicking a lot and my tummy is feeling so heavy. Also, my boobs are starting to grow aswell and I can't fit into any of my bras. Bought new ones but they're still a little bit to big so at the moment I'm struggeling to wear anything comfortable.
From huggies.com.au
Your tummy is getting bigger with each passing week and by now, you are probably having trouble seeing your knees when you’re standing up.
Your total blood volume has increased by around 25% since the start of your pregnancy. But it won’t peak until closer to 35 weeks. All that extra circulating blood will mean you may notice your fingers and ankles swelling by the end of the day.
Take it slowly when you’re standing up from now on. Many pregnant women experience pronounced postural hypotension (drop in blood pressure) when they go from a sitting or lying position to standing. When you’re getting out of bed, sit on the edge for a minute or two and then stand up.

Your baby is just less than 1 kilogram in weight this week and weighs around 900 grams. It’s still a compact little package and although it stretches out its arms and legs, it still spends a lot of its time curled up with its legs and feet tucked up against its bottom.
Your baby’s eyes are starting to open and their eyelids are no longer fused together. It will learn to open and close its eyes, blink and practice focusing in the remaining few months of your pregnancy.
Lots of baby movements from now until your 30th week. The amniotic fluid isn’t being produced in the same volumes as it was a couple of weeks ago. Because your baby is bigger, with less fluid to buffer its movements, you’ll be more aware of those kicks and stretches.
Your baby is having regular periods of rest and activity and its patterns of movement are becoming more familiar to you. Some pregnant women find their baby is very active in the middle of the night – enough to wake them from a deep sleep. After a sweet snack, on hearing the sound of your partner’s voice or when there is a sudden noise can all prompt a series of movements as well.

I still get back pains in the evening but other than that, I feel perfectly fine :)
The only issue is that I miss my man so much..Can't wait to be back home in his arms and to let him feel the kicks and movements in my tummy. Pregnancy is not fun by yourself..you need someone to share it with.
Only a week left..!! :)
Start weight: 66.4kg
Weight this week: 74kg (+0,5kg this week)
Total wheight gain: 7,6kg
That's all for now..


Hi everyone!
Just a quick update :)
I've been at my auntie's place and I didn't really have time to write or upload any photos.
Friday 20/5:
Visited my uncle Henrik and his family that recently moved to the same area as my aunt.
Me and Neo (my cousin).
Went to a greek restaurant and had dinner with my dad and an old friend of his and her grandchild. I had so much fun! It was great to see them and the food was awesome!
Saturday 21/5:
Markets in Knivsta with Pernilla, Elin, Sandra & Berit. Quick lunch and then we all went to Berit's place to celebrate her birthday. Dinner at the same greek restaurant where I went the day before :) And then PARTY!! :)
My tummy was really sore (i bet because it's growing) so I had to go for a walk...for an hour. When I got back, everyone was drunk and the party was ON! :)
Me and my cute sister :)
I followed them down to the pub but I decided to walk home after 11pm because I was soo tired.
Wednesday 22/5:
Went back to my auntie's place and we had lunch in Sigtuna at this old little café where my cousin works. She took good care of us :)
Later that day we walked down to my uncle's place again because his wife had a gift for me..or for bub I should say.
She'd made a blanket for her.. Really cute!
Yesterday 25/5:
Lunch with Pernilla, her brother Nicklas and her sister Linda and her 2 kids Yasmine & Marcus.
Got some more pressies for bub. S.p.o.i.l.e.d! :D
I had dinner with my old boss from Forex Jossan and two other co-workers Cecilia and Josella. We had so much fun!! I've missed them so much and I also realised how much I've missed my old job. We had pizza and sat down in the kitchen and talked for hours. Didn't get home until midnight. :) Those girls are crazy and so funny!! Love them!
I've been on the computer all day and I'm nearly finished with all my photos. Yay!
Having dinner at Christopher's place tonight with Pernilla and Anthony. The guys are long lost relatives from Australia :)
That was a quick update and I have nothing else to tell you :)
See ya!

Week 25

The days just go so fast and we're already in week 25.
This is what huggies.com.au got to say:
You are almost six months into your pregnancy. Your belly is rounded and you are looking more pregnant with every week which passes. 
Those ligaments and muscles supporting your expanding uterus are getting a work out. Progesterone and Relaxin, those all important pregnancy hormones are working their magic by loosening and relaxing the taut fibres. This is so your body can prepare for childbirth, but it also has the added bonus of making everything a little more loose. Warm baths, tummy massage or even physiotherapy can be useful in alleviating discomfort.

Your baby’s nostrils are patent, meaning they’re not closed over like they were. Other changes are happening in your baby’s lungs as well which will help them to breath independently at birth. That all important surfactant is coating their tiny alveoli, helping them to stay open and retain oxygen at birth.
I'm slowly getting a bit bigger and my tummy is looking more round than fat. Bub is moving around a lot and she's got her head just above my bellybutton and her legs just in reach of my bladder.. And that poor thing is getting a proper beating every day. The toilet is my best friend :)
I'm always hungry but can never eat a full meal. I feel full so quickly.
No pic this week but maybe next.
Start wheight: 66.4kg
Wheigt this week: 73,5kg (+1kg this week)
Total wheight gain: 7,1kg
See ya!